Monday, December 10, 2012

Back In Business!

After a long vacation from this project of mine I have decided to return.  It has been a rather rocky year for me and I just finished school for the semester.  My roommate and I have decided to do a "cleanse" until Christmas.  I use quotes because we are not exactly doing a no solid food take a bunch of stuff and drink cayenne pepper kind of thing.  Here are the basics to our plan...

~ Eliminate Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Processed Sugar, and Caffeine from our diets.
~ This leaves us eating vegetables, fruits, meats, and corn, rice and potatoes in the starch department.
~ Take a daily probiotic and for me a daily Vitamin D supplement.
~ One smoothie a day with a gluten free raw vegetable powder, frozen fruit, water, coconut flakes, and sometimes a little bit of Peanut Butter.
~ Exercise daily, for me this will probably include the elliptical and yoga.
~ Drink lots of water with lemon juice.
~ Try to get used to tea (blech).

As you can see this is NOT going to be easy, and I will probably struggle cry, and fantasize about chocolate while I watch cupcake wars on television.  However, both my roommate and I have some food allergies, she cannot eat dairy and I cannot eat gluten.  Neither of us are very good about it, so hopefully this will give us some discipline as well as offer us a look into what other foods we may be sensitive to.

After the cleanse, the goal is to add foods back into our diet one at a time so we know what foods we may struggle with.  For example it is way easier to know that dairy makes you sick when that is the only not clean food you are eating than when your also eating gluten, and caffeine.